BiCIKL project


The Horizon 2020 project Biodiversity Community Integrated Knowledge Library (BiCIKL) builds a new European community of key research infrastructures, researchers, citizen scientists and other stakeholders in biodiversity and life sciences.


Prof. Lyubomir Penev, Project coordinator
Pensoft Publishers 

Boris Barov, Project manager
Pensoft Publishers

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Together, the BiCIKL 14 partners solidify open science practices by providing access to data, tools and services at each stage of and along the entire biodiversity research life cycle (specimens, sequences, taxonomic names, analytics, publications, biodiversity knowledge graph).  

BiCIKL has a special emphasis on biodiversity literature and develops new methods and workflows for semantic publishing and integrated access to harvesting, liberating, linking, and re-using of sub-article-level data extracted from the published content. 

The main challenge of BiCIKL is to design, develop and implement a FAIR Data Place (FDP), a central tool for search, discovery and management of interlinked FAIR data across different domains. The key final outputs of BiCIKL is the Biodiversity Knowledge Hub (BKH), a one-stop portal, providing access to the BiCIKL services, tools and workflows, beyond the lifetime of the project.

Who is working
on this project?

  • Dimitris Koureas, Pillar 1 Leader
  • Wouter Addink
  • Jose Alonso
  • Sharif Islam
  • Mil de Reus
  • Niki Kyriakopoulou
  • Laurens Hogeweg


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