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Our experts share the latest knowledge, show real collection pieces and talk passionately about their work. Take a seat at the grandstand and ask all your questions. Only in Dutch.

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Date Expert Subject
th Nov 14 Rob de Vos Cold in the tropics? Tundra in center New Guinea
sa Nov 16 Leni Duistermaat New flora in the Netherlands
su Nov 17 Steven van der Mije The move of the collection: from an elephant to beetles
th Nov 21 Werner de Gier Expedition Bonaire 2019: looking for a forgotten crab
su Nov 24 Berry van der Hoorn Detection of animals in the North sea
th Nov 28 Sanne van Gammeren The sex life of fruit flies
sa Nov 30 Anthonie van Peursen Snailson land and under water
su Dec 1 Peter Schalk Uknown
th Dec 5 LIS students The frame of Trix the T. rex 
su Dec 8 Anthonie van Peursen How are the Corbicula clams doing?
th Dec 12 Pepijn Kamminga What happens after a whale washes ashore?
su Dec 15 Caroline Breunesse How did we design our exhibitions?
th Dec 19 Matthijs Graner Unknown
sa Dec 21 Corine van Impelen Communication for Naturalis
su Dec 22 Maaike Romijn What do the scientists of Naturalis do?
th Dec 26 Edwin van Huis What does the director of Naturalis do?
sa Dec 28 Koos Biesmeijer How can we help bees and other pollinators?
su Dec 29 Erik Smets Flowering plants


The spotlights take place in LiveScience. Access to this gallery is free of charge, and you can visit even without an ticket. Much more is happening in LiveScience; for example, visit the Dinolab, the 'Work Street' or the Reading Room.

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