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Is Naturalis open?
Due to the policy of the government concerning the corona virus (COVID-19), our museum will be closed.

When will you re-open?
Naturalis will open its doors again on June 8. People working in crucial sectors and critical processes can visit Naturalis for free from June 8 to June 30. From July 1 we're opened for all audiences, at regular rate.

I pre-booked a ticket for entrance to the museum in the period to May?
We hope to see you again soon, it’s no problem to change the date of your pre-booked ticket. Did you book online using an account? It is possible to change the date of your ticket yourself. Did you book online without an account? Please contact our customer service via tickets@naturalis.nl. We are happy to change the date of booking for you. Do you not know what date you want to go to Naturalis in the future. We will book your tickets for December 31, 2020. If you made the decision later this year you can contact us again. We will change your booking again to the definite date. Or you can just show up at the service desk in our museum with the ticket(s).

Will events, activities, educational programmes etc. still go ahead?
All events are cancelled until and including Tuesday September 1 2020.

Is the restaurant open?
No, the restaurant (and museum shop) are closed as well.

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What are the opening times of the museum?
We are open daily from 10am to 5 pm.

Are you also open on public holidays?
We are open almost all holidays, except for King's Day (April 27th), Leiden's 3rd of October Festival (October 3rd) and Christmas Day (December 25th).

What is your regular admission price?
Our regular admission price is €16 per person for visitors from 4 years. Children up to 3 years are free.

Do I have to buy a ticket in advance online?
It is possible through tickets.naturalis.nl, but it's not necessary. Tickets can also be purchased at the service counter or via one of our ticket kiosks in the museum.

I remember there were time slots with the T. rex in Town exhibition, is that the case again?
No, we don't have time slots in the new museum, you can come whenever you want. If you have already booked a ticket online, you are welcome on the selected day.

I bought tickets via the internet, but something came up during the day. Can I rebook to another date?
Yes, if you created an account when ordering the tickets, you can rebook your tickets online and select another day.

Do you use a group discount?
No,  we do not use a group discount.

Is the visit with a Museum card free?
Yes, with a Museum card you can visit our museum for free.

Is the visit with a BGL VIP-KAART free?
Yes, with a BGL VIP-KAART you can visit our museum for free.

Do you have a parking lot and if so what are the parking costs?
Yes, we have a parking lot on the Mendelweg. The parking costs are €7.50 per day, hourly parking is not possible.

Do disabled and blind people get free access or a discount?
Disabled persons and blind people do not receive free admission or discounts. Companions, on the other hand, can enter for free. They can report to the service counter in the museum.

Can I buy a museum ticket at the counter?
Yes, that is possible. You can use it to visit the museum immediately. It is important, however, to register this card online as soon as possible after your visit, so that you can make optimum use of it.

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