concerning COVID-19

Is it safe to visit Naturalis?
Naturalis has taken all the measures required to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit. You can read about these measures in our house rules. 

With whom and with how many people can I visit Naturalis?
If you belong to the same household or social unit, such as a family, partners or housemates, then you can visit the museum with more than one person.

Do we have to stay together as a group?
Yes. In order to guarantee the 1.5-meter distance during the visit, we would ask you to stay together as much as possible.

Who will ensure that the 1.5-meter distance is observed?
Although our attendants will ensure that the rules are observed, we would also ask our visitors to be responsible in this regard. 

What if other visitors don't follow the rules?
Our attendants will make sure that the rules are followed. Visitors who fail to comply with the house rules will be approached and, if necessary, asked to leave.

One of my family members or I have developed COVID-19 symptoms (cold/fever/etc.). What should I do?
Unfortunately, in this case you are not allowed to come to Naturalis. You will be most welcome to visit once you have all been symptom-free for more than 24 hours. Already booked a ticket? In this case, contact our customer service department via

Does Naturalis provide visitor data for the Municipal Public Health Service's (GGD) source and contact tracing?
The Municipal Public Health Service's (GGD) have a legitimate interest in requesting visitor data for intensive source and contact tracing. In principle, museums will cooperate with such requests. Visitors who do not want their data to be shared are better off postponing their museum visit until this special situation is over.

Will extra cleaning take place during opening hours?
Certainly, we will ensure extra cleaning rounds throughout the day. 

Will Naturalis provide hand sanitizer?
Yes, there are hand sanitizer points in several places.

Where can I wash and/or disinfect my hands?
Hand sanitizers are provided on pillars in several places throughout the building. Disinfectant wipes are provided at certain screens in the exhibition halls.

Do I have to wear a mask during my visit to Naturalis?
A mouth cap is not mandatory. We advise you to bring mouth caps for the places in the museum where it is more difficult to keep 1.5 meters away.

Can I visit the toilet at Naturalis?
Yes, but the options are more limited than before. As the 1.5-meter distance cannot be ensured in all toilets, some toilet blocks will be closed. The toilets will be cleaned more frequently than usual.

Are the lifts accessible?
Yes, but only for disabled visitors. To prevent queues at the lifts, we cannot allow buggies or strollers in the museum. 

What is a visit to Naturalis like now?
We have taken various measures to ensure the 1.5-meter distance and to keep visitors spread out. All visitors must book a ticket with a start time online in advance. There is also a fixed route through the exhibition halls, one-way traffic in the halls themselves if required and a dedicated entrance and exit. This route can be interrupted at specified points for a visit to the restaurant, shop or toilet. Plexiglass screens and hand sanitizer points will be installed at various locations. 

Are any of the halls closed?
The exhibition halls are accessible, with the exception of a few rooms that do not offer enough space to maintain sufficient distance between visitors.

Will a visit to Naturalis be complete without these rooms?
We naturally wish to offer an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We have developed an expedition map, which takes visitors on a journey through nature in the museum. The tour takes in various halls and demos, allowing us to offer a complete visit to the museum. 

Can I bring my own food and drinks with me?
Clearly, you're free to bring your own food with you. In that case, please use the cafe on the 9th floor. The cafe’s rooftop terrace has a fantastic view.

Is the restaurant open?
Our restaurant, café and (roof) terrace are open, subject to the maximum allowed numbers. A host will welcome you upon entering the restaurant or cafe and show you around.

Is the roof terrace accessible?
Our (roof) terrace is open, subject to the maximum allowed numbers. 

Is there a cloakroom?
There is limited capacity in the cloakroom. We would therefore ask everyone to leave their belongings at home or in their car as much as possible. 

Can I bring my stroller or buggy inside?
No. Unfortunately, due to the limited accessibility of the lifts and the modified routing during this period, it is not possible to bring a buggy or stroller with you. The lift is only accessible for disabled visitors.

We would already like to book a school visit, is this possible?
This is possible. You can find our special programs under Education (please take note that those programs are only offered in Dutch).