Terms and conditions

1. General stipulations: Definitions

1.1 Naturalis: the Naturalis Biodiversity Center Foundation, with its registered office at Darwinweg 2 in Leiden.

1.2 Naturalis Biodiversity Center: the areas open to the public inside the Naturalis building at Darwinweg 2 in Leiden, including the courtyard and parking facilities.

1.3 Visitor: any person who enters Naturalis Biodiversity Center with or without a valid Admission Ticket, either for a regular visit or to take part in an activity inside or outside of regular opening hours.

1.4 Admission Ticket: an entrance ticket (in combination with a discount card or otherwise) or a similar ticket (such as a written invitation, voucher, or annual pass) granting access to a specific area or specific areas of Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

1.5 Goods: all goods, including cash, cash equivalents, and monetary instruments.

1.6 Naturalis Employees: all natural persons employed in and around Naturalis Biodiversity Center on behalf of Naturalis.

2. Scope

2.1 These conditions apply to all visitors of Naturalis Biodiversity Center for all activities.

2.2 Deviations from these conditions are only valid with the permission of Naturalis where explicitly agreed in writing.

3. Access to Naturalis

3.1 The museum can only be accessed on presentation of a valid Admission Ticket.

3.2 Visitors will be refused further access to Naturalis Biodiversity Center if their Admission Ticket is found not to have been issued by Naturalis or by an entity authorized to do so on behalf of Naturalis.

3.3 Any Visitors will present their Admission Ticket to Naturalis Employees upon request. If they fail to do so, Naturalis may refuse the Visitor access to Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

3.4 Visitors will not receive a refund of the admission price in case of loss or theft of the Admission Ticket prior to entering Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

3.5 A pre-bought Admission Ticket will become invalid by the mere lapse of the date and time indicated on the Admission Ticket.

3.6 Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded. However, tickets are transferable. Visitors can rebook an Admission Ticket before the date of the visit to a date  up to a maximum of 12 months after purchase.

3.7 Naturalis is entitled to adapt the regular opening hours to allow for occasional company emergency service drills (Section 23 of the Working Conditions Act) or, in case of an actual emergency, to allow any full or partial evacuation of Naturalis Biodiversity Center as considered necessary. Such a change in the regular opening hours does not entitle Visitors to reimbursement of any admission price they may have paid. 

4. Visit to Naturalis Biodiversity Center

4.1 Visitors’ visit to Naturalis Biodiversity is at their own risk and expense.

4.2 During their visit to Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Visitors will behave in accordance with public order and with the rules set out in these Visitor Conditions. In addition, Visitors are obliged to immediately follow any directions and instructions given by recognizable Naturalis Employees. If a Naturalis Employee is of the opinion that a Visitor is acting in contravention of these rules, standards, directions, and instructions in any way, the Visitor may be refused further access to Naturalis Biodiversity Center without Naturalis being obliged to provide any compensation for damages.

4.3 Naturalis accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of Goods handed over by the Visitor for safekeeping.

4.4 Should an emergency occur, like the sudden disappearance of an item, a technical fault, an attack, or any other form of violence, Naturalis is entitled to close the doors and subsequently lead any Visitors present outside one by one. In such case, the Visitor may be asked to cooperate with bag searches and the like by or on behalf of Naturalis Employees. Visitors may also be asked for their consent to a body search. Any Visitors who refuse to undergo a bag and/or body search will be asked to produce ID before leaving Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

5. Code of Conduct

5.1 During their visit to Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Visitors will:
a. not cause a nuisance to other visitors, including but not limited to obstructing their view of items on display for a long period of time or making excessive noise (including through the use of mobile telephones or other audio equipment);
b. not bring animals or pets into the museum, with the exception of guide dogs;
c. not smoke;
d. not consume any food products outside of the food outlets;
e. not touch any of the items on display, except where expressly and explicitly permitted;
f. accompany any children under the age of 12 when visiting the museum;
g. use any photos, videos, and footage taken only for personal, non-commercial purposes.

5.2 Parents, teachers, or supervisors are at all times responsible and accountable for the behavior of any minors, individuals, or groups that they are accompanying or supervising.

6. Reimbursement

6.1 The following situations will under no circumstances result in any obligation on the part of Naturalis to refund money paid by or provide any other compensation to the Visitor:
a. inability to view items from the Naturalis permanent collection;
b. partial closure of Naturalis Biodiversity Center, including but not limited to partial closure as a result of setting up or dismantling exhibitions;
c. nuisance or inconvenience caused by other visitors, including but not limited to excessive noise, inappropriate behavior by visitors (like willful damage), or theft;
d. damage caused by other visitors;
e. nuisance or inconvenience arising from maintenance work, including but not limited to renovations or the refurbishment of specific areas;
f. nuisance or inconvenience resulting from the inadequate functioning of facilities at Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

7. Liability

7.1 Naturalis is only liable for loss suffered by Visitors as a direct result of willful misconduct or gross negligence on Naturalis' part.

7.2 The liability of Naturalis for indirect loss, including consequential loss, loss of profit, salary, lost savings, and so on, is excluded at all times.

8. Force majeure

8.1 Naturalis is not liable for loss suffered by Visitors in connection with force majeure on Naturalis' part.

9. Lost & Found

9.1 Visitors can hand in any items found at Naturalis Biodiversity Center to a Naturalis Employee or at the Naturalis information desk.

9.2 Naturalis will temporarily store found items for safekeeping.

9.3 Any person claiming ownership of a found item has the option of collecting such goods themselves or arranging to have the item posted to them upon payment of postage. In both cases, the owner is required to present genuine proof of identity. In the event of doubt on Naturalis' part with regard to the status of the alleged owner, Naturalis is authorized to require proof of ownership.

10. Complaints procedure

10.1 Visitors can submit any complaints by sending an email to contact@naturalis.nl, or by reporting to the information desk.

10.2 Naturalis will look into any complaints from Visitors and respond to them, in writing, within 30 days.

11. Other Conditions and Applicable Law

11.1 These General Visitor Conditions as well as the agreement between the Visitor and Naturalis are governed by Dutch law.

11.2 Any disputes arising from the agreement between the Visitor and Naturalis will be submitted to the competent court of The Hague.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden
Edwin van Huis, Managing Director
November 5, 2021