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During the Spotlights of Naturalis, our experts share the latest knowledge, they show real collection pieces and talk passionately about their work in the museum.

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Saturday 01-06Lithium is a mineral that occurs in nature and is used a lot in batteries. Leo Kriegsman is a researcher on geology at Naturalis and will explain during his Spotlight why lithium is so important for the green transition. (in Dutch)
Saturday 06-07

Thanks to warm summer nights and clear starry skies, you can often see many "shooting stars" in August. Why exactly? And how can you observe them? Sebastiaan de Vet is a meteorite researcher at Naturalis. He explains how these 'shooting stars' are formed and gives you tips and tricks on how to gaze at, count or draw these nocturnal light trails. (in Dutch)

Sunday 07-07What lives in urban areas? We all know the pigeons, the lime tree and the ants. But there is much more that is alive! Panji Mawarda researches hidden biodiversity in the city, such as bacteria, fungi and algae. How do these organisms work together and what is their impact on the city? Panji tells you all about it. (in English)
Saturday 13-07He lives in a pineapple under the sea ... Spongebob Squarepants! Berend Jan Kompanje knows all about the underwater world. He can tell you exactly whether sponges really live in pineapples (spoiler: they do not) and what it is like on the sea floor. (in Dutch)
Sunday 14-07The Naturalis collection holds millions of objects, including lots of birds. How do you save all the information about birds in such a large collection? In his Spotlight, Sander Pieterse tells you all about it. (in Dutch)
Saturday 20-07What can you do to help biodiversity? Raymond van Steijn looked into it and worked on the Green Guide: a booklet with all tips and tricks to make your home and garden as biodiverse as possible. Ask him all your questions! (in Dutch)
Sunday 21-07Bees are a crucial link in the pollination of flowers and plants. Koos Biesmeijer knows all about bees and is looking for ways to better care for these insects. In his Spotlight, you can ask all your questions. (in Dutch)
Saturday 27-07Anthonie van Peursen loves mollusks, and in particular clams. He researches them and talks about it in his Spotlight. (in Dutch)
Sunday 28-07

What is it like to work at a museum? And how do you make sure visitors have a nice visit. Department Head of Public Affairs Anne van Duijvenbode knows all about it and will give you an exclusive look behind the scenes at Naturalis. (in Dutch)