house rules

  • Visitors are expected to behave appropriately and to abide by the safety regulations.
  • If there is an evacuation due to an emergency, follow the instructions issued by the museum staff, firefighters, or police.Naturalis employees may give you instructions. Please follow any instructions you are given.
  • Naturalis makes use of camera monitoring with due observance of the relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Parents, teachers and supervisors are responsible and accountable for the behavior of minors and the groups they accompany.
  • Be considerate of one another: allow each other space to view the exhibits and refrain from making excessive noise. Cellphone use is allowed, as long as the volume level is appropriate, but calls should preferably be made at an isolated location.
  • With the exception of service dogs, no pets are permitted.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the museum. Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas on the parking side of the building.
  • Please leave your bags in the cloakroom in the lockers provided. Any lockers that are still locked after closing time will be opened by Naturalis.
  • In exceptional cases, a Naturalis employee may ask to examine your bag.
  • It is not permitted to touch the exhibits. There are a few exceptions to this. If it is permitted to touch an object, this is clearly indicated.
  • No professional cameras or photography equipment may be used without the prior permission of the communication department.
  • Please place all refuse in the appropriate container. Naturalis strives to keep waste to a minimum.