General Conditions
for School and Group Visits

version: February 5, 2019

1. General stipulations: definitions

1.1 Naturalis:
the Naturalis Biodiversity Center Foundation, with its registered office at Darwinweg 2 in Leiden.

1.2 Naturalis Biodiversity Center:
the areas open to the public inside the Naturalis building at Darwinweg 2 in Leiden, including the courtyard and parking facilities.

1.3 Visitor:
any person who enters Naturalis Biodiversity Center with or without a valid admission ticket, either for a regular visit or to take part in an activity during or outside of regular opening hours.

1.4 School and group visit:
visitors who arrive as a group and who booked a visit through the Reservations & Customer Service department.

1.5 Admission ticket:
an entrance ticket (in combination with a discount card or otherwise) or similar ticket (such as a written invitation, voucher or annual pass) granting access to a specific area or specific areas inside the Naturalis building.

1.6 Goods:
all goods, including cash, cash equivalents and monetary instruments.

1.7 Naturalis employees:
all natural persons employed in and around the Naturalis building on behalf of Naturalis.


2. Scope

2.1 These conditions are a supplement to our General Visitor Conditions for all school and group visits to Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

2.2. Deviations from these conditions are only valid where explicitly agreed in writing.


3. Visit to and supervision at Naturalis Biodiversity Center

3.1 Parents/guardians, teachers or other supervisors are at all times responsible and accountable for the behavior of any minors that they are supervising.

3.2 Touching the displayed artifacts is not allowed, unless stated otherwise. Supervisors must ensure that any minors that they are supervising do not touch any of the displayed artifacts at any time.

3.3 Visitors are not permitted to offer goods or services of any kind for free or for sale to third parties while on the premises.

3.4 Visitors must not cause a nuisance to others, particularly by generating excessive noise.

3.5 Pupils who visit Naturalis Biodiversity Center must be supervised by their school as follows:

● primary education groups 1 and 2 (4–6 years old): one supervisor for every five students;

● primary education groups 3 through 8 (6–12 years old): one supervisor for every 10 students;

● secondary education juniors: one supervisor for every 20 students;

● secondary education seniors and students in higher education: no supervisors required.

A Naturalis employee will be on hand during exhibition programs to answer questions.

3.6 Groups must be present 10 minutes in advance of the start of the program. If they are delayed, they should contact the Reservations & Customer Service department by calling +31 (0)71 7519600.

3.7 Contrary to the provisions of the General Visitor Conditions, school and group visitors may consume food brought from outside in the designated areas. When using the food outlets, however, they may only purchase and consume the refreshments on offer.


4. Changes/cancellations

4.1 Visits may be canceled free of charge up to two weeks in advance. If a visit is canceled at shorter notice, we will charge the reservation costs.

4.2 The number of pupils may be changed up to one week in advance. On the day of the visit, a deviation of more than 10% from the agreed number of pupils is not permitted.

4.3 If the group has not arrived within half an hour of the start of the reserved time slot, we will charge the reservation costs. The parts of the program that will still go ahead, if any, are to be determined by mutual consent.

4.4 Visits must be canceled in writing or by email.


5. Payment

5.1 Payment can be made against invoice only.

5.2 The payment term is 14 calendar days.


Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden
Edwin van Huis,
General Director