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Since 2021, Naturalis has been an official partner of the National Forest Service in the Netherlands (Staatsbosbeheer). This partnership focuses on monitoring, scientific research, knowledge sharing and helping people to enjoy nature. In addition, both institutes are seeking to get more young people involved in sustainability issues. "Staatsbosbeheer's enormous membership numbers will allow us to reach even more people and encourage them to participate in biodiversity research," says Koos Biesmeijer, Director of Science at Naturalis. "For example, Staatsbosbeheer helps us to publicize the National Bee Count to a much wider audience every year."

Learning from each other

Scientists and forest rangers are joining forces in order to learn from each other, as a great deal of research conducted by Naturalis can be extremely valuable to forest rangers. For example, over the next few years, Naturalis will be mapping out all of the biodiversity in the Netherlands. This gigantic project, named Arise, serves to paint a clear and visible picture of the country's hidden biodiversity. The more we know about all forms of life in the Netherlands, the better we can protect them.



"Our mission is to help people feel connected to nature," says Staatsbosbeheer Director Sylvo Thijsen. We strive for a Netherlands that cherishes its nature and landscape but also gives them the freedom to experience and enjoy it. Our partnership with Naturalis allows us to further boost our knowledge and reach even more people.


Staatsbosbeheer is a government body whose mission is to boost nature in the Netherlands. It owns and runs 273,000 hectares of forests and nature conservation areas distributed across the 12 Dutch provinces and makes an important contribution to social objectives such as national water safety targets in coastal areas and large rivers, wood and biomass production, nature education, provision of drinking water, boosting regional economies and social cohesion.





Nature reserve Staatsbosbeheer
Nature reserve Staatsbosbeheer


Naturalis and Staatsbosbeheer have collaborated on a diverse range of projects over many years. Both institutes are devoted to protecting and preserving our green heritage for future generations and both seek to emphasize the importance of nature to as wide an audience as possible. This partnership developed very naturally and has now been made official.

Naturalis employees in nature reserve Staatsbosbeheer

work together?

Staatsbosbeheer's enormous membership numbers will allow us to reach even more people and encourage them to participate in biodiversity research. A good example of this research is the National Bee Count, which is organized every year in April and attracts 11,000 participants to count bees. Staatsbosbeheer helped us to bring the National Bee Count to the attention of a much wider audience.


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