Green Circles

Groene cirkels

New way of working together with companies and local governments combined in one big network. Working together to achieve a circulair and sustainable economy.

NL Biodiversity & Society

Contact: Koos Biesmeijer

Heineken started the first Green Circles project together with the province of South Holland and Wageningen Environmental Research. Later, Naturalis and the water board of Rijnland joined. The goal of this project is to accomplish a brewery that is sustainable, with low emissions of CO2. A lot of work cannot be done with Heineken alone and has to picked up in broader chains. Heineken is in the lead to form networks in these chains to work together in a constructive way. This has proven to be very successful, so now there are more new green circles appearing around other companies, like SugarUnion, the Digging current, and Farmfrites.

The role of our group in these processes is to facilitate this process of working together in a new way. We also work with citizen science to involve local residents and secure the scientific background in the projects.