Rutger Vos

Rutger Vos

I want to help understand where biodiversity comes from and where it might be going in a changing world. To understand the outcomes of evolutionary diversity in the broad scale we have to represent it in silico, and develop the data sets, tools, algorithms, hypotheses and tests to make sense of it all. 


comparative genomics, big data, computational biology, open source, emergent characters, phyloinformatics, comparative analysis

Dr. Rutger Vos

Researcher / Bioinformatician
Understanding evolution
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My main research interest is to understand the processes that generate patterns of biodiversity in space and time across large groups of species.

I seek to use open data integration, phylogenetic inference, divergence data estimation, and the comparative analysis of complex data to characterize the patterns of diversity and test hypotheses of the underlying processes of evolution. I do this in collaborative settings where I contribute my expertise in open source scientific software development, algorithm development, and high performance computing.

Budding plant


A selection of the topics I am working on currently.

En Tibi herbarium of tomato

Ancient tomato genomics

Past processes that shaped the current genetic diversity of the domesticated tomato are still largely unknown. Using Illumina HiSeq, we sequenced and compared full genomes from tomato accessions stored worldwide in genebanks and herbaria up to 182 years…
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ARISE logo

ARISE: knowing Nature in the Netherlands

In the ARISE project, Naturalis, together with the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute and the universities of Amsterdam and Twente, is building an infrastructure that knows and recognizes all (multicellular) Dutch species. Every species, every sample…
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