Of Mice and Mammoth

Of mice and mammoth: toward a general theory of body size across space and time.

Body size is one of the major factors dictating physiological and anatomical processes. The direction of body size evolution in a species depends on many factors, internal as well as external. These factors change dramatically once a species finds itself geographically isolated and accordingly, the original direction of its body size evolution may change dramatically as well. The eventual outcome is predictable once the contributing factors are known. The project Of Mice and Mammoths investigates the nature of these factors and the role they play per taxon.

A.A.E. (Alexandra) van der Geer

Postdoctoral researcher
Endless forms



  • Mark Lomolino (SUNY, New York, U.S.)
  • Dov Sax (Brown University, Rhode, U.S.)
  • Maria Rita Palombo (University Roma Tre, Rome, Italy)
  • George Lyras (University of Athens, Greece)
  • Roberto Rozzi (University Roma Tre, Rome, Italy)