MOST project

Bijen-evenement Naturalis

In MOST we investigate how schools and their immediate environment (family/families, neighbors, businesses, etc.) can collaborate on sustainability. The core of the project is the integration of diverse participants: science and research, formal and non-formal educational institutions, politics, economy and society – on a local level by cooperating within “Open Schooling” projects, as within the project consortium, which contains all named institutions. The cooperation of diverse participants is the prerequisite to develop solution approaches, which take the needs of all concerned parties into consideration. At the same time, this is a driver for innovation, which will motivate all participants, to commit in the long term.


Daniëlle Meuleman
Projectleider Om de hoek

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Most is a partnership between (educational) organizations spread across ten European countries. The project focuses on the social issues of waste and energy.  Within these two themes, relevant questions or problems are formulated for the 'community' and these are then worked on in so-called SCPs (School Community Projects).

In the 'open schooling community' there are roles for:

  • Schools
  • Families
  • Professionals (companies, social institutions)

The didactic approach of MOST is inquiry-based and design-based learning, as also developed by the predecessors of MOST (the European projects Mascil, MaSDiV, Primas, etc.).

Who do we
work with?

To implement this project, a dedicated consortium of 23 educational and environmental expert teams from 10 European countries have come together, including higher education institutions, schools, ministries, municipalities, enterprises, non-formal education providers. Within the Netherlands, Naturalis works closely with the University of Utrecht.

All participants and supporters of the MOST project form the European Open Schooling Network  (EOSnet), which will be enlarged step-by-step all over Europe into a vibrant Open Schooling community network.

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