Pressfile Naturalis' new building

Gebouw naturalis glaskroon natuursteen

The new Naturalis

We are Naturalis Biodiversity Center, the national institute for biodiversity. Our museum displays the wealth and beauty of the natural world. We have one of the largest natural history collections around the globe. Through all the knowledge and data that it provides, our scientists have studied life on Earth for almost 200 years: whether big or small, alive and well or dead for millions of years. Our studies contribute to solutions for major, global issues involving climate, food supply, the living environment, medicine and biodiversity preservation. This work is more relevant than ever.

In figures

-       820 employees
-       425,000 visitors per year, of which
-       70,000 are students
-       3,000 m2 of space occupied by laboratories and processing rooms
-       64.5-meter-tall collection tower
-       16,846 m2 of depot space
-       42 million natural history objects
-       17,000 m2 of museum space
-       9 exhibition rooms
-       3,280 objects on display

In the museum…

… you come face to face with an early ancestor
… you are transported back to the Ice Age in the Netherlands
… you see how Iris van Herpen drew inspiration from nature
… T. rex Trix is home again
… you can talk to researchers in LiveScience
… we melt stones
… you see how huge a hoodwinker sunfish actually is in real life
… the Camarasaurus barely avoids bumping his head on the ceiling
… items from the collection are prepared live

Open daily from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Except on October 3, Christmas Day and King's Day.

Images of our new building, that can not be used withoud mentioning Naturalis, is available here

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Bij Naturalis zijn we dag en nacht bezig om de collectie aan te vullen als rijksmuseum, academisch onderzoeksinstituut en erfgoedinstelling.