Naturalis is the center for biodiversity and is committed to preserving nature every day. As a result, Naturalis makes conscious choices, also in regards to our food and drinks. In collaboration with our catering partner Vermaat, we offer a menu that is sustainable and has a smaller impact on our climate. A menu without meat and fish is an important factor. We also ensure that we throw away as little food as possible, we recycle our waste and no longer use disposable cups. It fits in with Naturalis' mission to contribute to a more sustainable society.

A healthy meal for you and your living environment

Catering specialist Vermaat provides a diverse range. We provide products from the Netherlands, so that transport can be limited. The products are always of honest origin. All dairy is local and organic (don't forget to taste the sustainable Natural Farmer's Ice Cream). Where possible we provide seasonal products. A salad of white asparagus in May and June, for example. Or a seasonal vegetable soup. We have marked the products in the buffet so that you can see the starting point of your choice.