Fleur van Duin

Soil sampling

As a PhD candidate at Naturalis and the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), I am exploring measures and crop systems that could make agriculture on peat soils more sustainable. I am especially interested in nature-based solutions that can benefit biodiversity, farmers and the climate. 


Agroecosystems, biodiversity, ecosystem services, sustainable farming

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Generally, I am interested in working at the interface between nature and society. Researching biodiversity and nature-based solutions in agriculture is a perfect example of that. 

  • Impact of agricultural practices, such as mowing regimes, tillage and fertilization, on soil and water quality, ecosystem properties and various levels of biodiversity
  • Working with nature: soil and water characteristics as guiding principle for choices in agricultural land use
  • The relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem processes
  • Experimental fieldwork in the Polderlab, observational studies in the Living Lab Alblasserwaard
Sowing flower seeds in agricultural grassland
Ditch between agricultural fields with high abundance of the plant Stratiotes aloides, commonly known as water soldier.