Ages 4-12 years: Self-guided visit with scavenger hunt

Kids playing a scavenger hunt

Set out on a quest, ask questions and look carefully. Explore Naturalis like a real researcher! Seek and find out everything there is to know about long-necks, show-offs, beautiful beasts and many more astounding, awesome and amusing groups in our museum. We promise you’ve never looked at nature this way before!

Dutch only

This program is currently only offered in Dutch.

Everything you need to know
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  • Self-guided visit
  • For: 4-12 years old
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Number of pupils: no minimum, also suitable for large groups (maximum no. of children to be determined for each visit based on availability)
  • The extracurricular care facility/your own organization will supply: minimum of 1 supervisor per 10 pupils
  • Naturalis will supply: no supervisor provided
  • Self-guided program. Game will be handed out at the service desk
  • Areas: Life, Earth, Dinosaur Era, Ice Age, Death and Seduction galleries
  • Main objective: To help children explore all Naturalis galleries in a fun, playful way. They are active and creative
  • Keywords: Living and non-living nature, form and function, inquisitive learning, fun
  • Can be booked on the weekends and during school breaks as well

Course of the program
at the museum

0-5 minutes: introduction
The supervisor will be given all scavenger hunt games at the Service Desk. Each group will be given a sheet. Set a time with the children for everyone to meet up back in the Atrium or outside. Give the kids a brief explanation and start the hunt!

5-85 minutes: in museum
Children explore the museum in small groups based on the scavenger hunt game. They try to complete as many assignments as possible.

85-90 minutes: meet at the agreed location
Children gather at the agreed-upon location. Collect the sheets and hold a follow-up discussion later if desired.

Booking info
prepare your visit

Everything you need to know about practical matters such as parking, lockers and house rules.

Booking info

Boy takes selfie at T. rex Trix