Ages 13-17 years: Self-guided visit Crazy Naturalis

Crazy Naturalis

In this game, participants are given a poster with 88 crazy assignments. It’s a race against the clock – and against each other. Which team will manage to complete the most assignments, in the most creative way possible?

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Everything you need to know
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  • Self-guided visit
  • Secondary education, all years
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • No minimum number, also suitable for large groups (maximum no. of pupils to be determined for each visit based on availability)
  • The school will supply: 1 supervisor for every 20 pupils
  • Naturalis will supply: no supervisor provided.
  • Self-guided program. Game will be handed out at the Service Desk.
  • Areas: Live Science, Life, Earth, Dinosaur Era, Ice Age, Early Humans, Death and Seduction galleries
  • Main objective: To help pupils explore all Naturalis galleries in a fun, playful way. They are active and creative. They work together, have fun and compete to earn as many points as they can
  • Keywords: Biodiversity, geology, research, fun

Course of the program
at the museum

0-5 minutes: introduction
The teacher will be given all Crazy Naturalis game sheets at the Service Desk, along with a pencil for every pair. Every pair of pupils will receive a sheet and a pencil. Set a time with the pupils for everyone to meet up back in the Atrium or outside. If the goal is to give everyone the same amount of time and see who can complete the most assignments, give a start signal.

5-85 minutes: in the museum
Pupils enter the museum in pairs. They play the Crazy Naturalis game!

85-90 minutes: meet at the agreed location
Pupils gather at the agreed-upon location. The pupils can add up for themselves how many assignments they have done, or the teacher can collect the sheets and announce the winner later. Prizes can be awarded if desired. The teacher collects the sheets and announces the winner.

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Everything you need to know about practical matters such as parking, lockers and house rules.

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Youngsters in the museum