of association

Officially we are called the Naturalis Biodiversity Center Foundation, established in 1820. But everyone just knows us as 'Naturalis'. The foundation aims to process and disseminate knowledge about biodiversity. In addition, we immerse ourselves in the development of the earth as a natural system, and the place occupied by humans within it.

Articles of association

Board of trustees oversees us

Since June 1, 1995, we operate Naturalis according to the board of trustees model. This means that the management develops and implements policy, but not without the approval of the board of trustees. The board then also takes a critical look at its implementation. Everything we do is based on the Governance Code for the Culture Sector (Dutch).

Our RSIN number

As a foundation, we have a Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number (in Dutch: RSIN). This is a number that allows us to easily exchange data with, for example, the Dutch tax authorities. Our RSIN number is 803595943.

Our salary policy

The board of trustees determines the salary and further terms of employment for our general director. This is stated in article 4 paragraph 3 of our articles of association. Each member of the board of trustees receives an attendance fee of €100 for every meeting they attend. Our other employees are paid according to the collective bargaining agreement that covers privatized national museums in the Netherlands.


Annual report and accounts 2022 (Dutch)

Gender equality plan
We support diversity and equality

The Board of Naturalis follows the gender equality aims of the European Union and intends to embody gender equality in academia. The Board continues to facilitate and support the realisation of gender equality measures as a part of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Gender Equality Plan