Roy Kleukers

Roy Kleukers

I am manager of the bureau of EIS Kenniscentrum Insecten en andere ongewervelden. EIS studies and publishes information on Dutch invertebrates. The task of EIS is assisting the 60 study groups consisting of naturalists. These form the core of our organisation.  I am not involved in research myself, but my task, and that of the rest of the bureau, is to stimulate research by volunteer naturalists. I am also responsible for the production of a newsletter and two faunistic magazines. Furthermore I am involved in the website Dutch Species Register and the book series Nature of the Netherlands. Apart from the basic faunistics, EIS promotes the use of their data by research groups.



Drs. R.M.J.C.(Roy) Kleukers

Manager Bureau EIS-Nederland
[EIS Kenniscentrum]
+31 (0)71 7519374


'EIS Kenniscentrum Insecten en andere ongewervelden' is involved in faunistic research of invertebrates.

We aim at resolving three questions:

  1. Which species occur in the Netherlands?
  2. Where do they ocurr?
  3. Do they show a trend?

The task of the bureau is assisting the 50 study groups consisting of naturalists in building up of datasets and publishing of the research results. Apart from the the basic faunistics, EIS promotes the use of their data by research groups.



A selection of the topics I am working on currently.

  • Faunistics of the Dutch invertebrates
  • Checklist of the Dutch invertebrates
  • Exotic and protected invertebrates
  • Climate change


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