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My research interests are in systematics, biogeography and evolutionary biology, to which I mostly employ European amphibians as study objects. Some of my work has a taxonomic basis and includes revisions of various groups of toads and salamanders. Another interest is in biogeography and hybrid zones. One focus is the effect of the quality of the terrestrial habitat on dispersal of pond-breeding amphibians. This work combines approaches from ecology and geography with population genetics introduction.


Amphibians, biogeography, herpetology, hybrid zones, molecular ecology, population genetics, reptiles

Dr. Pim Arntzen

Guest researcher
Understanding Evolution

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Pim Arntzen’s research team focuses on the species boundary in European amphibians. They employ genome-scale data to elucidate the pattern and process of hybrid zone movement, based on the geography of introgression and the size of the chromosome linkage blocks involved. 

A red and a green species meet upon secondary contact and form a hybrid zone (position shown by interrupted line).

The hybrid zone moves to its current position (solid line). A genetic footprint is left behind. (Animal drawings: Bas Blankevoort)



  • Ivanović A., Arntzen J.W. 2018. Evolution of skull shape in the family Salamandridae (Amphibia: Caudata). Journal of Anatomy 232: 359-370.
  • Arntzen J.W., McAtear J., Butôt R., Martínez-Solano I. 2018. A common toad hybrid zone that runs from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Amphibia-Reptilia 39: 41-50.
  • Riemsdijk I. van, Nieuwenhuize L. van, Martínez-Solano I., Arntzen J.W., Wielstra B. 2018. Molecular data reveal the hybrid nature of an introduced population of banded newts (Ommatotriton) in Spain. Conservation Genetics19: 249-254.
  • Arntzen J.W., Üzüm N., Ajduković M.D., Ivanović A., Wielstra B. 2018. Absence of heterosis in hybrid crested newts. PeerJ 6: e5317.
  • Arntzen J.W. 2018. Morphological and nuclear genetic characters to describe the marbled newt hybrid zone (Triturus marmoratus and T. pygmaeus) in the Iberian peninsula. Contributions to Zoology 87: 167-185.

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The genetic dynamics of moving hybrid zones in amphibians

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