Maryse Diekman

Maryse at Naturalis

Maryse is a Collection Manager at Naturalis and member of the Sampling Team within ARISE program, which is building a digital biodiversity monitoring infrastructure with a reference database of all multicellular species in the Netherlands.

She is involved in streamlining the processes from field to collection. This involves subsampling for DNA sequencing, photographing, registering the data correctly and storing the molecular samples and voucher specimens in the collection. As Collection Manager she ensures high quality of the reference database of voucher specimens, photos and molecular data.


Biodiversity, Collection, ARISE

Maryse Diekman, MSc

Collection Manager



Maryse has obtained her MSc Conservation at University College London in 2017 and researched diversity patterns of ground beetle communties in forest and agricultural habitats in North East China.

With a background in biomedical sciences, conservation, biodiversity research, and content management for a geospatial data visualisation platform, Maryse covers a wide range of experience and knowledge. She is interested in the future of biodiversity monitoring and what that could mean for research, ecologists and biologists. 

Maryse in field
Sea urchin


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