Elza Duijm

Elza Duijm

Working as a research technician in the DNA lab my  expertise is Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). The NGS projects I help set up and work on, are as diverse as biodiversity itself, using samples that are taken from high up in the sky to the deepest depths of our oceans. For these projects a broad variety of sequencing techniques like metabarcoding, shotgun-sequencing, metagenomics, RNA-sequencing etc. can be used.


NGS, libraryprep, DNA metabarcoding, metagenomics, shotgun-sequencing, RNA-sequencing, hybrid capture-sequencing

Elza Duijm

Senior research technician/Head of naturalis laboratories 

+31 (0)71 5271912


My research interest is NGS sequencing. Currently, I am developing a sequencing workflow for the ARISE project.

The challenge of our NGS projects lies in the different type of samples we have to work with. These vary from ancient herbarium specimens to recently collected insects.

Our DNA lab  is utilized with several facilities such as  an  Ancient DNA lab, King fisher , eDNA work space,  so we’re able to  face the most challenging samples. Our NGS lab contains various equipment to measure, normalize and prepare a NGS library optimally 

Macrozoobenthos sample taken from the North Sea
Herbarium specimens