Deyi Wang

Dr. Deyi Wang

I am deeply fascinated by the mycorrhizal symbiosis that forms between plants and root-associated fungi. This remarkable relationship is widespread in terrestrial ecosystems and plays a crucial role in plant health, soil processes, and nutrient cycling. My PhD thesis focused on 'orchid mycorrhiza,' a unique type of mycorrhizae found exceptionally in the orchid family. During my research, I delved into the evolutionary trajectories and ecological drivers of 'mycoheterotrophy,' wherein plants 'steal' carbon from fungi. Currently, my exploration extends to the study of 'arbuscular mycorrhiza,' which is formed by the majority of land plants. My primary goal is to investigate the intricate nutrient transfer within arbuscular mycorrhizal system.

Mycorrhizal symbiosis, Mycoheterotrophy, Orchid mycorrhiza, Arbuscular mycorrhiza, Metabarcoding, Phylogenetics, Stable Isotopes

Deyi Wang

Postdoctoral Reseacher
Understanding evolution