Chantal Huijbers

Chantal Huijbers

Chantal Huijbers is a Senior Project Manager at Naturalis Biodiversity Center. She is the Team Lead of the Biocloud team within the ARISE program, which is developing a digital infrastructure for biodiversity monitoring and digital identification of species in the Netherlands.

The Biocloud team is responsible for developing the underlying infrastructure of ARISE, which will facilitate connecting, standardizing, aggregating, contextualizing and linking data. This includes the architecture and development of data management services,  integration services for connecting various data sources to ARISE as well as  web interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs) from which the infrastructure can be accessed.

Chantal obtained her PhD in Marine Ecology in 2012 at the Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands on the sensory mechanisms and movement behavior of tropical marine fishes in coastal ecosystems.

Dr. Chantal Huijbers

Team Lead Biocloud
ARISE program
+31 (0)71 751 96 00

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