Bertie Joan van Heuven

Bertie Joan bij microscoop

My work at the laboratory focuses on microscopy. I work with light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Furthermore I am experienced in microtomy, mostly of plant tissues. My newest expertise is operation of a micro-CT scanner. This is used for a wide range of objects.


Light Microscopy, SEM, Scanning Electron Microscopy, anatomy, microtome, micro-CT scanner, wood anatomy, pollen

Bertie Joan van Heuven

Research technician
+31 (0)6 3511 4213


My favorite objects for imaging are plants and their anatomy.

In our laboratory we have multiple techniques to show the anatomy of plants and animals. We have several kinds of microtomes to make sections for light microscopy. We use multiple staining methods to show regions of interest. 
For scanning electron microscopy we have a Critical Point Dryer, a sputter coater for platinum/palladium and a carbon coater. Naturalis has two scanning electron microscopes. A regular model which can also work with low vacuüm and a Field Emission SEM.

wood section - Shorea pauciflora
pollen grain - Abutylon rufinerve - Malvaceae


  • Assisting students and researchers with laboratory techniques
  • First year bilology students - recognizing and identifying plants in the field - using the Dutch Flora