Arjen Speksnijder


I obtained my master in geobiochemistry at Leiden University and my PhD in microbial ecology at the University of Nijmegen. After a post-doc period in the Natural History Museum of London and the University of Aberdeen I became staff researcher at Plant Research International. From there I became head of the Public Health  Laboratory  (GGD) Amsterdam, where I was involved in epidemiologic research of infectious diseases. I moved to Naturalis in 2013 as Head of Laboratories and was responsible for the technical support and equipment for Research and Education and quartermastered the new laboratory facilities. I was involved in the appIication of molecular techniques in biodiversity research. Watch 'A dragonfly through the Naturalis labs' for an impression.
From November 1st 2020, I have started the new Lectorate Metagenomics at the Leiden University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with Naturalis. My research focus is complex community analysis, drivers and interactions


Metagenomics, molecular biology, microbiology, community analysis, environmental DNA, metabarcoding

Dr. Arjen Speksnijder

Lector Metagenomics

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"Bijna niemand weet het! Nederland heeft een heel klein stukje diepzee", kondigde het NOS 8 uur-journaal op 22 februari aan. En zo kon iedereen meegenieten van de 1-meter lange zeepaling en diepzee pissebedden op de Saba Bank. (Bekijk het hele filmpje op YouTube) - 25 juni 2016: Hoe Nederland vecht tegen de kastanjedood

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