Bert Hoeksema

Bert Hoeksema

I am basically a marine naturalist with strong interests in the taxonomy, ecology, evolution and biogeography of reef corals. I obtained my MSc in marine biology from the University of Groningen (1984) and my PhD from Leiden University (1990). My PhD research was about the systematics and ecology of mushroom corals (Scleractinia: Fungiidae). My studies on reef corals started in 1982, when I was based at the same institute that is my present employer.


Taxonomy, phylogeny, corals, coral-associated fauna, coral reefs, marine biodiversity, marine biogeography, reef conservation, Caribbean, Indo-Pacific

Prof. dr. Bert W. Hoeksema

Senior researcher
Honorary Professor, University of Groningen
Marine Evolution & Ecology

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Coral reefs harbour a high biodiversity, much of which is still undiscovered and undescribed. As dominant reef-builders, corals are important for many reef-dwelling species as substrate or shelter, while they can serve as food source for other ones. 

My research concerns tropical marine biodiversity, its distribution patterns, how it evolved, and the role of species interdependencies herein. My fieldwork is focused on the taxonomy, evolution, and ecology  of reef corals. Since corals are threatened by global warming, pollution and unsustainable harvesting, research on these key organisms is crucial to support their conservation.



A selection of the topics I am working on currently.

  • Biodiversity of Dutch Caribbean coral reefs
  • Associated fauna of reef corals
  • The natural history of mushroom corals (Scleractinia: Fungiidae)
  • The evolution of reef corals
  • World List of Scleractinia (World Register of Marine Species)
  • Corals in the international aquarium trade
  • Rafting as a dispersal mechanism for corals
  • Corals on artificial substrates
  • Tropical marine invasive species


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