BioPortal is a website that serves as the national access portal for all information relating to natural history, from basic data about museum objects to fully illustrated species descriptions. Via a single website, BioPortal grants access to all digitized details of the Naturalis collection, using the Netherlands Biodiversity API (NBA).

Browse Dutch natural history collections

This site allows you to search through records of specimen and species descriptions collected by Naturalis and other Dutch institutions.



Data sources

Via the NBA, BioPortal uses the following data sources:

  • Brahms: botanical specimen data at Naturalis;
  • Naturalis Collectieregistratiesysteem (CRS): zoological, paleontological, mineralogical and petrological specimen data of Naturalis;
  • Dutch Species Register: list and descriptions of all species that occur in the Netherlands;
  • Catalogue of Life: index of names of all known species of the world

Facilitating consultation

BioPortal facilitates consultation of these data through one single website. Per October 2017 more than 8 Million objects are online accessible and the information is continuously extended. The objects can be searched with help of more than 200.000 scientific names from authorized species lists.

Almost all the information in BioPortal is published under a Creative Common license and open to everyone. With BioPortal - Naturalis offers a view on a very precious, public funded collection of natural history objects.

Anyone interested in our collection, from nature lovers to the research scientist uses BioPortal.

Search options

BioPortal has four search options:

  • Simple search: searching through all fields
  • Advanced search: searching through specific fields or data types (specimen, taxa, multimedia)
  • Geo search: searching all geo-referenced data and presenting the results on a map
  • Explore highlights: browse option through Naturalis special collections

Other services on the website include:

  • Downloadable files for each Naturalis collection and the Dutch Species Register
  • A download option for images (high resolution)
  • A graphical overview of the Naturalis collection

More information

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