Rob van den Berg

Rob van den Berg

As a geologist I'm responsible for the petrological and mineralogical collections at Naturalis. It is the largest collection in The Netherlands of rocks, minerals, meteorites and tektites.

Found a nice rock and no clue what it is? Come to Naturalis and we tell you what it is. Twice a month we have consulting hours. See for dates and time.

Bijzondere steen gevonden en geen idee wat het is? Ongeveer twee keer per maand bekijken we vondsten van bezoekers en vertellen wat het is. Kijk op wanneer de spreekuren zijn.


Geologist, Rocks, Minerals, Meteorites, Tektites, Gems, Erratic rocks, Drill samples, Thin sections, Geographical collections

Rob van den Berg MSc

Senior Collectionmanager Rocks and Minerals


Phone: +31 (0)71 7519 600

52.1648992, 4.4733669


Naturalis houses a large and diverse collections of rocks and minerals, containing more that 118.000 minerals and 725.000 rocks - of which 205.000 thin sections, 950 meteorites, and1.000 tektites.

It is a diverse collection of natural minerals, cut gems, ores, art, wooden mineral models, meteorites, tektites, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, thin sections, stones for building, large exhibition pieces and rocks collected at fieldworks and for PhD promotion research.

Pallasite meteorite