Low-stimuli evening for families

Picture of the dinosaurs in the museum

There are low-stimuli evenings for families on Friday, January 19th and Friday, September 20th, and special evenings for anyone who is 16 years and older on Thursday, April 4th, 2024 and Thursday, November 14th, 2024. Buy your tickets for the 19th of February here and for the 20th of September here.

A museum visit is full of stimuli, such as sounds, moving images, smells or flashes of light. If you are easily overstimulated due to autism or a non-congenital brain injury, for example, a museum visit can quickly be too much. This is why Naturalis organizes a number of low-stimuli evening openings. An outing where fewer visitors are allowed into the museum, and the lights and sounds are turned down. During these evenings, the REXperience is closed.

All ages
With museum ticket

To already get an impression of our museum, you can take a look at our virtual museum. For these evenings the Museumjaarkaart, Vriendenloterijpas and CJP pass are also valid.

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Low-stimuli evening
for families

Family evenings are on: Friday, January 19, 2024 and Friday, September 20, 2024.

What to expect:

  • Opening after regular closing time (6:30-21:00 p.m.)
  • Dimmed lights in the Atrium (reception area) and workshops
  • Less noise
  • Few people
  • A quiet room to sit in for a while
  • Reception by trained hostesses and gentlemen
Picture of the room LiveScience


We organize these evenings for guests for whom a museum visit during regular opening hours is not possible due to overstimulation. We do this in good faith and assume that it will not be abused.