Luiz Jardim de Queiroz

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I am a evolutionary biologist interested in understanding the biodiversity surrounding us and unravelling the evolutionary and ecological forces that contribute to the emergence, maintenance, and loss of biodiversity. My main research projects address these aspects from macroecological, macroevolutionary, and biogeographical perspectives.


Evolution, Ecology, Island biogeography, Phylogenetics, Biodiversity, Freshwaters, Lakes, Fishes

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Freshwater lakes are just like inverted oceanic islands, a vast expanse of water surrounded by land. Yet, a pivotal question is: does biodiversity in lakes undergo evolutionary and ecological processes akin to those observed in oceanic islands? Bringing insights to this question is the main core of my ongoing research.

Vierwaldstaettersee (Lake Lucerne) is one of the deep and large perialpine lakes that hold several endemic fish species.
Some fish species inhabiting the perialpine lakes. (@Eawag/Projet Lac/Ole Seehausen)


My main research focus is the evolutionary history of fish communities in the lakes surrounding the European Alps. These lakes emerged in the wake of the Last Glacial Maximum, approximately 10 to 15 thousand years ago. Despite their young age, the fish communities in these lakes are very rich, with over 100 indigenous species, a product of both colonization and in situ speciation. In many deep, large lakes, outstanding rapid and independent adaptive radiations took place, culminating in the emergence of numerous endemic fish species. These endemic species now comprise 30–45% of the overall fish community. 

In collaboration with Dutch (Naturalis Biodiversity Center and the University of Groningen) and Swiss institutions (the University of Bern, Eawag, and the Natural History Museum of Bern), I am addressing the mechanisms behind the rapid assembly of this remarkable and unique community.


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