Justyna Miszkiewicz

Justyna Miszkiewicz

I specialise in hard tissue histology, which I use to better understand mammalian growth and function.


bone histology, tooth histology, bone remodelling, biomechanics, palaeohistology, paleontology, biological anthropology, bioarchaeology

Dr. Justyna Miszkiewicz

Correspondent Researcher
Vertebrate Evolution, development and ecology


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Skeletal histology of living and fossil mammals.

Compact bone in mammals is very physiologically active. It undergoes regular resorption and formation. This process, called remodelling, is sensitive to environmental and biological factors. I study this process using histology to better understand how different mammals grow and adapt to their environments and lifestyles. I work both with living and fossil mammals to elucidate their bone biology and reconstruct palaeobiology. My main research program at Naturalis is with Alexandra van der Geer, focussing on palaeohistology of insular mammals. 

Compact bone under a microscope. This image is from a rib in a fossil deer.
Compact bone under a microscope. This image is from a rib in a fossil deer.


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I can offer co/supervision in any area that deals with skeletal biology of mammals, including humans.

    Current students:

    • Lucy Henderson, University of Otago, Committee Member
    • Karen Cooke, Australian National University, Primary Supervisor
    • Tahlia Stewart, Australian National University, Primary Supervisor
    • Nicole MacFarlane, Australian National University, Co-Supervisor

    Past students:

    • Lucille Pederson (submitted) James Cook University, External Supervisor
    • Pauline Basilia (2023) Griffith University, Co-Supervisor  
    • Lauren Meckel (2021) University of Otago, Associate Supervisor
    • Sarah Robertson (2019) Australian National University, Primary Supervisor
    Secondary osteons in fossil deer rib.