TDWG 2020 annual conference

October 19th, 2020

TDWG (Biodiversity Information Standards) 2020 annual conference this week (19-23 oct)!

Standards that describe and support the exchange of biodiversity information are critical to extending the usability of data across taxa, scientific disciplines, and administrative boundaries. TDWG is the global organization that establishes collaboration among the creators, managers and users of biodiversity information to promote wider dissemination and sharing of biologic and geologic data. It does this by means of developing, ratifying and promoting standards and guidelines for data recording and exchange (DarwinCore, Audubon Core, World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions, ABCD-EFG).

TDWG is holding its annual (virtual) conference this week and is inviting you to register (free!) and attend! Conference schedule and abstract links.

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A symposium

A symposium sampling:

  • SYM01 Standards alignment: which and how?
  • SYM02 Use and re-use of images and their metadata in biodiversity research
  • SYM04 Challenges of the alignment of collection management systems across the globe and different domains
  • SYM05 Using Collections to Mitigate and Prevent Zoonotic Disease: Data Mobilization and Integration
  • SYM06 You have what in your collection?
  • SYM07 New standards development to support the transformation of collection data into digital specimens