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At Naturalis, marvel is the starting point of learning. Together we discover the richness of nature. There is always more to be enthusiastic about, more to learn and more to explore.


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With a unique combination of knowledge, talents and skills, we operate as a national museum, academic research institute and heritage institution.

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Naturalis employs 120 scientists in seven different research groups. We are happy to offer young scientific talent the opportunity to further develop ideas in a stimulating, open environment. With 80 PhDs and postdocs, Naturalis contributes to innovating Dutch research at the highest level in the green life sciences.

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Tamar with fossils on liquids
May 29th, 2024

Molluscs fossils in liquid

Much of the mollusc fossils in Naturalis' collections are stored in liquid, namely silicone oil. This was done to prevent or stop damage to the fossils. Part of work of the CollAction team was to check for damages in the mollusc fossils collection.
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eXit-sign in Naturalis
April 9th, 2024

Naturalis Will leave X

Naturalis Biodiversity Center will leave X - the platform formerly known as Twitter - at the end of this week. The ongoing and uncontrolled rise of hate speech and disinformation on the platform makes this sadly necessary. We will continue our mission to…
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