The Atrium

Diner Atrium Naturalis

Lots of space, spectacular light and a great view of the glass crown and the staircase. For 450 to 1,100 people. Naturalis’ imposing Atrium makes an excellent venue for a celebration or dinner. During the day, natural light streams in from all sides and, in the evening, the glass crown is lit up in a spectacular way. The view of the museum’s staircase is also impressive. The Atrium is a visual sensation and there’s no shortage of space. The Atrium can be booked from 18:00 onwards. That’s because Naturalis is open until 17:00 every day.


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or dinner

The Atrium will make an immediate impression on your guests. In the dinner layout, a chic setting with round tables, it can accommodate 450 people. In the celebration layout, without tables, it can accommodate up to 1,100 guests.

Atrium Naturalis