Kasper Hendriks

Kasper Hendriks

The origin of species fascinates me, in both dimensions of space and time. The influence of geological history, such as glacial periods and the resulting opportunities of dispersal and vicariance. But also the influence of the community a species is part of.


Biogeography, evolution, community ecology, malacology, island theory, phylogenetics

Kasper P. Hendriks Msc.

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As a PhD student, I work on the community assembly of Bornean microsnails. These tiny snails live in large communities on limestone outcrops in the tropical lowlands. How did they get together? How do they evolve?

In Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, tens of limestone hills are found, separated from each other by miles of primary lowland rainforest. On these calcareous hills live tens of microsnail species, many being obligate calcicoles and as such confined to these hills. For them the hills appear as discrete “islands”, separated by a “sea” of primary rainforest that is next to impossible to cross. For me as a scientist, this is an ideal situation. Every limestone hill offers a new community of microsnails, waiting to be studied.

Plectostoma concinnum, a common inhabitant of the limestone outcrops of northern Borneo
A community of microsnails collected from a limestone outcrop in northern Borneo


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I am actively involved in the supervision of international master students.

I have travelled to Borneo with students various times, teaching about evolution and fieldwork in the tropics.

Sieving soil to collect microsnails
Hiking through the dense jungle to reach limestone outcrops

In the

In 2012, I joined a large expedition to Mount Kinabalu & the Crocker Range on Borneo. The aim of the expedition, jointly organized by Naturalis and Sabah Parks, was to collect species new to science, and to reconstruct the general evolutionary patterns of plants and animals on the slopes of the mountain. The expedition was widely covered in the international media, such as Science, National Geographic, and various newspapers, and resulted in a letter in Nature.

NRC Handelsblad coverage of Mount Kinabalu & Crocker Range Expedition 2012