Scientists and research groups


Our work is strongly internationally oriented; our scientists work closely with colleagues from different universities and from all other major natural history institutes in the world. The emphasis of Naturalis' scientific research is on nature in Brazil, South East Asia and the Caribbean.

Please contact the Research Coordination Office with questions about PhD’s, postdocs, financing and teaching:

Research group Biodiversity discovery

Research group Biodiversity Dynamics

Research group Endless forms

Research group Biesmeijer

Research group Marine biodiversity

Research group Taxonomy and systematics

Research Understanding evolution

Bhutan Biodiversity Project


  • Arjen Speksnijder - hoofd laboratoria
  • Kees van den Berg - senior research analist
  • Roland Bûtot - senior research analist
  • Elza Duijm - senior research analist
  • Oscar Vorst - senior research analist
  • Bertie Joan van Heuven - senior research analist
  • Rob Pastoor - senior research analist
  • Frank Stokvis - senior research analist
  • Marcel Eurlings - senior research analist/preventiemedewerker
  • Rob Langelaan - research analist
  • Dirk van der Marel - research analist