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At Naturalis I am responsible for the marvelous collection of Cenozoic Mollusca. My main tasks are to keep the collection in good condition (physical access, labeling, digitizing) and to improve it when needed, enlarging the collection especially by acquiring private collections, and to facilitate visitors and loan requests. This work can only be done with help of a collection assistant and some volunteers.


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Ronald Pouwer

Collection manager

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The collection Cenozoic Mollusca contains c. 450,000 lots and an estimated number of c. 5 million specimens. It ranks amongst the largest collections of it's kind in Europe.

Nearly 90% of the objects originate from Europe, the rest comes from other parts of the world. Some parts of the collection belong to the absolute top in the world, e.g. the subcollections Indonesia and Holoplanktic Mollusca. The focus of the European part of the collection lies on The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, but we also have beautiful and abundant material from for instance Turkey and Portugal. Separate parts of the collection comprise fossil shells from the Dutch coast, mollusks from boreholes and prepared fossil sea bottoms from Belgium. The collection contains c. 4700 type lots.

Laevastarte ovatacostata


  • Together with Frank Wesselingh and various amateur researchers I am working on the project 'The fossil shells of the Dutch coast'. In connection with this in we have started a large collection project in May 2022, with the aim to get the collection beach fossils in good order. This will generate important data for the research project and get rid of the backlog of collections acquired the past 10 to 15 years. 
  • The Indonesian collection is being reorganized. This includes insertion in the cabinets of large amounts of samples which are yet not incorporated in the Naturalis collection.


See my Researchgate page for a broader selection of publications. 

On my Google Scholar page there are more publications, including short notes and excursion reports, unfortunately polluted with annual reports etc. 

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