Hannco P.A.J. Bakker

In de Crustacea collectie

I am Team Lead Sampling for ARISE with strong interests in taxonomy, systematics, evolution and marine invertebrates. I obtained my MSc in Biology at the University of Leiden (2015). Since 2012, I have been very interested in marine invertebrates, especially molluscs. Since then I do research on Triphorids, a group of left-coiled marine snails (Mollusca: Triphoridae). Since 2015, I have a strong interest in the Dutch flora and fauna. My work at the Naturalis collection started in 2016 and since September 2021 I work as Team Lead Sampling.


Taxonomy, phylogeny, evolution, systematics, marine invertebrates, Mollusca, ARISE, collections, biodiversity, marine biodiversity, Dutch Flora & Fauna. 

Hannco P.A.J. Bakker, MSc.

Team Lead Sampling 



We might think we know a lot about nature in the Netherlands, but every year we discover new animal species occurring here, some even new for science. What can we still discover among the minute species that are flying around or hiding in the soil?
I also work on describing the diversity of an Indo-Pacific group of marine molluscs (Gastropoda: Triphoridae). By describing their diversity we can start understanding their ecology, their evolutionary history and drivers in diversification. 

Team Sampling has its goal to capture the diversity of the Netherlands in a reference database for voucher specimens, photos and molecular data. Together with various innovating techniques we attempt to give biodiversity monitoring in the Netherlands an enormous boost. Improve technologies for monitoring and processing biodiversity data. All in favor to understand biodiversity and its dynamics in the Netherlands. We are in a biodiversity crisis and we have to act now. 

Binoculair met kever
Lades vol vlinders in de Toren


A selection of the topics I am working on currently.

  • Collection mining, a process of gathering biodiversity data based upon existing collections. 
  • Innovating monitoring techniques, analyzing traditional and modern monitoring techniques on efficiency and time effort.
  • Innovating photography techniques, analyzing traditional and modern photography techniques of specimens for efficiency and time effort.
  • Exploring the Dutch Biodiversity, tackling gaps of knowledge and accelerate taxonomical knowledge in the Netherlands.


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