Hannco P.A.J. Bakker

In the Crustacean collections

I am Collection Manager of the Invertebrate collections, more specifically the fluid collections. I have strong interests in taxonomy, systematics, evolution and marine invertebrates. I obtained my MSc in Biology at the University of Leiden (2015). Since 2012, I have been very interested in marine invertebrates, especially molluscs. Since then I do research on Triphorids, a group of left-coiled marine snails (Mollusca: Triphoridae). Nonetheless, my interest in marine organisms is large as well unravelling mysterious in our enormous collections. My work at the Naturalis collection started in 2016 and since February 2023 I work as Collection Manager.


Taxonomy, phylogeny, evolution, systematics, marine invertebrates, Mollusca, ARISE, collections, biodiversity, marine biodiversity, Dutch Flora & Fauna. 

Hannco P.A.J. Bakker, MSc.

Collection Manager
CnidariaCrustacea, Echinodermata, Mollusca, Porifera, Vermes and other invertebrate groups.




Since Linnaeus we have attempted to unreval the beauty of nature. Trying to describe everything we saw, observed and know. Our collections have hundreds years of history among them with many of these observations described or captured by historical specimens. We preserve, describe and maintain our collections for the sake of science. But we know little. There is yet still so much to discover. Our collections hold thousands, yet maybe tens of thousands, new species. Still waiting to be described. 

Collection Managers have the ultimate goal of preserving our natural history that has been maintained for hundreds of years for the next years to come. Each of us facilitate research, exhibitions, education and communications with information, support and more with our collections. We do not only have a collection of specimens, but also a collection of tales, knowledge, historical facts, a legacy that already lasted hundreds of years and is to continued. 

Binoculair met kever
Lades vol vlinders in de Toren


A selection of the topics I am working on currently.

  • Keeping up with the backlog in fluid preservation together with our ethanol team. 
  • Finding innovative ways of digitizing specimens. 
  • Support scientific research on collections at al cost. 
  • Unrvalling our rich collections and history.
  • Identifying new storage opportunities in various ways (e.g. SEM-stub collections).


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