Laboratories Modern facilities for high-quality analyses


Naturalis has a wide range of high-quality facilities for scientific research. The laboratories are fitted out with state-of-the-art research equipment for biological and geological analyses and are available to Naturalis researchers and for commissioned research.

Would you like to receive more information about our laboratories or would you like to use them? Please contact Arjen Speksnijder, Head of Laboratories:


Our laboratories include facilities for research involving molecular techniques, morphology, geology and bioinformatics. Activities range from morphological and chemical research down to the most microscopic detail to genome analyses of plants, animals and the environment; from testing the authenticity of precious stones to identifying traces of plants and animals in soil, water and air using DNA fingerprinting. The Naturalis laboratories form an essential component of scientific research in the Netherlands and abroad.

Although Naturalis is undergoing renovations, our laboratories will continue to be fully operational at temporary locations during this time. Research and analysis are ongoing. Our new building will open in mid-2019, with all of our research and collection facilities under one roof.