Checklist Moths of Bhutan

Moth Bhutan

Generating knowledge on invertebrates for the Bhutanese society – a cooperation of Bhutanese and Dutch experts. Checklist of the moths of Bhutan (Cees Gielis & Karma Wangdi).

Extensive field work in the last couple of years has resulted in a strong increase of the number of species of moths known to occur in Bhutan. Currently (28 January 2019) 1145 species have been recorded as occuring in Bhutan. It is likely this number will steadily increase in the next few years. The last column of the checklist indicates if the presense in Bhutan is confirmed based on material collected in 2015-2017 or on some recent, well-documented, publications.

In order to facilitate further work information on the species is brought together on information sheets. These sheets will contain a picture of the species and, when available, the genitalia, a map of the distribution and information on host plant, flight period and altitude. The sheets are published as pdf-files. These pdf's can be downloaded from the list below. We have not yet made sheets for all species. The sheets will be updated regularly.

Please contact Cees Gielis ( for additional information. 

Checklist of the moths of Bhutan (excel file)

Dr. Ing. Vincent J. Kalkman

Endless forms
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Family: Number of species

Argyresthiidae: 1 species
Attevinae: 1 species
Autostichidae: 1 species
Bombycidae: 6 species
Brahmaeidae: 2 species
Callidulidae: 1 species
Carposinidae: 2 species
Coleophoridae: 1 species
Cosmopterigidae: 1 species
Cossidae: 5 species
Crambidae: 151 species
Depressariidae: 1 species
Drepanidae: 29 species
Epicopiidae: 1 species
Erebidae: 263 species

Eupterotidae: 12 species
Euteliidae: 2 species
Gelechiidae: 3 species
Geometridae: 101 species

Gracillariidae: 4 species
Hepialidae: 4 species
Lasiocampidae: 44 species
Limacodidae: 52 species
Noctuidae: 83 species
Nolidae: 31 species
Notodontidae (part 1part 2): 66 species
Plutellidae: 1 species
Praydidae: 1 species
Psychidae: 0 species
Pterophoridae: 27 species
Pyralidae: 61 species
Saturniidae: 35 species
Sesiidae: 2 species
Sphingidae (part 1part 2): 92 species
Thyrididae: 2 species
Tineidae: 3 species
Tortricidae: 34 species
Uraniidae: 7 species
Yponomeutidae: 1 species
Zygaenidae: 11 species