Richa Kusumawati

Richa Kusumawati

I graduated in Food Technology at Mae Fah Luang University in Thailand. From 2010 onwards, I have been employed at the Bogor Botanic Gardens in Indonesia. After an introduction to the Orchidaceae in the living collection at Bogor and several explorations in Papua, Borneo and Moluccas, my passion for this flowering plant family was secured. This led me to pursue my PhD at Naturalis Biodiversity Center at Leiden University with funding from the Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) from 2015 onwards.


Bioprospecting, Coelogyninae, Glomera, Orchidaceae


My research interest focuses on the necklace orchids (Coelogyninae), in particular the genus Glomera that is poorly known. I found my first Glomera species in Wamena, Papua in 2013. Due to my food technology background, I am also interested in bioprospecting of medicinal orchids of Indonesia. I am combining phylogenetics, ethnobotanical knowledge and bio-assays to develop a time-efficient method for finding new sources for drug development that can be used in the pharmaceutical industry.