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Naturalis onderweg

Naturalis is even dicht. Onze collectie reist door het land, want waar leven is, is Naturalis. En dat is eigenlijk overal. Dus is Naturalis onderweg naar Pijnacker, Amsterdam, Deventer en alles ertussen in. Zien we je daar?

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Onze collega's van Naturalis onderweg hebben er zin in!

POISON! exhibition

From October 14, 2017 until September 2, 2018, visitors could dive into the venomous world of Dr. Freek Vonk. There, you could meet the Gila monster, the tarantula and – Freek's personal favorite – the king cobra. Through video clips, Freek and his fellow scientists taught you more about the value and necessity of research on poison. POISON! closed on Monday September 3.

T. rex on Tour

Since the 6th of June 2017 our T. rex Trix is on tour. After Leiden, Trix travels through Europe. From Salzburg to Barcelona and Paris, where she met her millionth visitor. Till March 31 she can be admired in Lisbon, after which she travels to Glasgow (Kelvin Hall, April 18 till July 31). In the meantime Naturalis builds a new museum in which Trix gets a special place. End of summer 2019 Trix is back home and the museum will reopen. 



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Maquette nieuwe museum

Admission prices

Right now, it's not possible to buy tickets for the new museum. Want to know when can you do so? We’ll be announcing it here, so stay tuned to this site!

Opening hours

Naturalis is temporarily closed. You can visit us again starting in mid-2019.

Address and directions

Naturalis is easy to reach by public transportation and within walking distance of Leiden Central train station. Due to renovations, it's not possible to visit us right now. From mid-2019, however, you'll once again be welcome at Darwinweg 2 in Leiden.


We're closed at the moment, but the new and improved Naturalis will be wheelchair-accessible.

Food and drink

How about a break for coffee and something sweet? Or a delicious lunch? Soon, you can enjoy both in the restaurant at our new museum. Naturally, you're free to bring your own refreshments as well.