Biodiversity is suffering worldwide, and Naturalis has a lot of knowledge about it. That means that our researchers work with a large variety of organizations, including a large number of companies, for example in the "groene cirkels". 

We want governments, companies and all other types of organizations to engage in knowledge-based action against the biodiversity crisis. That's why we are working on Shell's solar parks to increase biodiversity, and why we're consulting with people from different organizations such as Extinction Rebellion and Friends of the Earth Netherlands about how to gain political attention for their worries. Because every step in the right direction takes you closer, and because you can take more steps when traveling together. 

In this, we're not excluding any one organization. As a national center, we are here to help everyone with questions about biodiversity. We also work this way because we believe that biodiversity is really important. We need friends in order to protect it, to restore it where possible, and to help us study it. Can you help?