at the museum

The northern lights. Many people harbor a desire to travel to the far reaches of the northern hemisphere to witness this spectacular light show. That’s why Naturalis is bringing the northern lights to Leiden this past winter. An impressive film bathed you in light and sound. For 20 minutes, during which it truly seemed like you’re under a star-lit sky, you experienced all aspects of this natural phenomenon. How does it come about? What are the myths surrounding the northern lights? Northern Lights at Naturalis is a multi-sensory experience with music by Iris Hond and composer/producer Sim Fane and with the participation of astronaut André Kuipers. 

Noorderlicht film in Naturalis
Trappenberg Naturalis in het donker

at the museum

At nightfall, you saw Naturalis in an entirely new light - an experience to share with friends, family or colleagues during the dark winter months. Wandering through the imposing building you could discover life as it once was and as it is now, and come face to face with T. rex Trix. Complete the winter experience in our cozy winter café. Here, you could indulge in a Scandinavian snack board, game or mushroom stew and a heartwarming pea soup. Of course while enjoying a suitable drink.

Zaal leven olifant

An experience
to share

Visiting the northern lights at Naturalis was a great opportunity to get together again in a relaxed and inspirational setting.

  • 16 years and older.
  • From 6pm till 9pm; arrive between 6 and 7pm.
  • Start times for the Northern Lights show will be allocated in order of arrival.
  • The unique Northern lights film has a duration of 20 minutes.
  • Visit our permanent exhibitions.
  • Tickets are €21 per person.
  • Museum card holders pay €5 per person.
  • Friends of Naturalis and VriendenLoterij VIP-CARD holders get free entrance.
  • During Northern Lights at Naturalis you get a 20% discount on the store assortment, with the exception of books and the exhibited minerals.

Northern lights
for companies

The Northern lights in Naturalis was also an inspiring setting for companies to meet. There were various possibilities: from an arrangement with a welcome drink and snack board to a specially composed menu for larger groups.

Naturalis 's avonds van buiten