Discovering in the workshops

a boy studies a Triceratops bone

Here you can explore nature itself. Fossils, bones and skulls: you can touch and study them all. Just like researchers, you look for answers yourself. What are you going to discover?

All ages
Free of charge with museum ticket

Workshop The past
Past life on Earth

Have you ever held the tooth of mammoth or the egg of a dinosaur? In Workshop The past you can examine them yourself. Get started as a true ice age or dinosaur researcher and find out what life used to look like. For our youngest visitors we have a dinosaur world to play with.

Workshop The present
Recent life on Earth

Does a tapir have the same bones as you? Assemble the real skeleton of a tapir and discover the answer. In Workplace The present you wonder about recent nature. Also investigate shells, feathers, stones and seeds. If you look very closely, you will discover more! For our youngest visitors there is an animal world to play with.

Workshop Design
Designing based on nature

Bonkie has just been born. Help! Crocodiles, wind gusts, water and ants pose threats. How does Bonkie survive its first year? Be inspired by nature and design solutions for Bonkie. Test them in our test stations in Workshop Design. Will Bonkie float? Does he survive the ramp? Does he jump away for the ants in time?

Bonkie gets blown away
Bonkie needs to jump from the ants