Nature's treasure trove 200 years of Naturalis

The Cape lion

These 25 highlights from the Naturalis collection will be on display for only 200 days. The 'crown jewels' in this temporary exhibition include Darwin's finches, the extinct Cape lion and the Diepenveen meteorite, making it an absolute must-see for any natural history lover! The new exhibition is open from 30 September 2020 through 17 April 2021.

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It is necessary to order the mandatory tickets online before your visit. The amount of tickets for the exhibition 'Nature's treasure trove - 200 years of Naturalis' is limited. We ask a € 2,- surcharge per ticket. This extra ticket ensures you a half hour visit to the exhibition. 


of the collection

In this anniversary exhibition, we will share 25 absolute crown jewels from our collection with visitors. This is the first time the public has an opportunity to admire many of these unique objects, such as the quagga or the oldest herbarium in the world, En Tibi. Together, these finds shed light on the impressive history of Naturalis.

En Tibi


Among the attractions in this exhibition is a series of fantastic portraits of famous Dutch people alongside their favorite pieces of natural history treasure. Astronaut André Kuipers, for example, chose the Diepenveen-meteorite, comedian Jochem Myjer posed with the elephant bird's egg and chef Yvette van Boven selected the En Tibi herbarium. These portraits are made by well-known photographer Raymond Rutting. Bureau Voorlichting documented the stories of the famous Dutch people while they were portrayed with their object.

Yvette van Boven met En Tibi
Jochem Myjer met Olifantsvogel ei


On 9 August 2020, exactly 200 years had passed since King William I founded the National Museum of Natural History. Over the years, the collection has grown into a treasure trove of natural history that includes an astonishing 42 million objects. It serves as the basis for our scientific research and a source of inspiration for young and old.

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