Martienke Baaij

Martienke Baaij

The great diversity of live amazes me, and the loss of biodiversity worries me. The ARISE project is developing an infrastructure for monitoring the Dutch biodiversity. I contribute to this as a project employee within Team Sampling. I register and photograph all sorts of Dutch multicellular species and take samples for DNA sequencing. These specimens were collected in the field or come from the collection of Naturalis.



ARISE, biodiversity, ecology

Martienke Baaij MSc

Project emloyee Sampling ARISE

Department Collectiebureau




I am interested in plants, animals and their interactions with each other and their environment. I like to contribute to research that is needed to conserve or restore the biodiversity of ecosystems because of the ecosystem services they provide.

I studied Biology at Leiden University and Wageningen University & Research. During and after my studies I gained research experience in (plant)ecology. For example, I have conducted research into the role of slug herbivory in the rare occurrence of hybrids between the crop Brassica napus and its wild relative Brassica rapa. Furthermore, I studied on a salt marsh the effect of vegetation on sedimentation. I researched not only the presence or absence of vegetation, but also the vegetation type and the effect of vegetation characteristics on sedimentation.

Salt marsh
Brassica plants


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  • Baaij, B.M., Kooijman, J., Limpens, J., Marijnissen, R.J.C., Loon-Steensma, J.M. van (2021) Monitoring impact of salt-marsh vegetation characteristics on sedimentation: an outlook for nature-based flood protection. Wetlands, 41, 76.
  • Baaij, B.M., Kim, H.K., Grosser, K., Worrich, A., Jong, T.J. de (2018) Slug herbivory on hybrids of the crop Brassica napus and its wild relative B. rapa. Basic and Applied Ecology, 31, 52-60.
  • Baaij, M., Campo, S., Claus, M., Kuiper, K., Nadort, T. van de, Wit, J. de (2018) Het groen naast de green – Verhogen van de ecologische waarde van Nederlandse golfbanen. Academic Consultancy Project report, Wageningen University & Research.