Isolario - Island biodiversity and cultural evolution

Islands often differ from the surrounding mainlands by their faunas. Endemic taxa evolve here in isolation and generally without having to compete with competitors or to escape from terrestrial predators. This often results in unique and sometimes even bizarre endemic species.

But what is the effect of this on human culture and vice versa? What is the interaction between endemic faunas or elements thereof and human culture? The project Isolario aims at identifying the impact of humans on insular animals and the role these animals play in local culture such as art and mythology.

A.A.E. (Alexandra) van der Geer

Postdoctoral researcher
Endless forms


  • Hara Drinia (University of Athens, Greece)
  • Ross MacPhee (AMNH, New York, U.S.)
  • Lawrence Heaney (Field Museum, Chicago, U.S.)
  • Lars van den Hoek Ostende (Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands)
  • John de Vos (Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands)
  • Frank Siegmund (University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland)