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Discover what our scientists are really doing – and join in. LiveScience is an exhibition that merges scientists’ workplaces into the museum.


Discover what our scientists are really doing

Help us

Do you want to help us decipher the ancient handwriting?

Prepareren LiveScience


Come and watch a live session with our staff members dissecting an animal for our collection. And ask your questions.
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Live dissection

Science behind the scenes, now in the spotlight


Meet our scientists during a ScienceTalk. They will show you their latest discoveries, talk about their expeditions and answer your questions. A new theme every three months.
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Join this interactive theatre performance. Have a look in grandpa’s shell chest, ask your questions to the curators and start sorting through the shells yourself.
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Literally keep a close eye on our curators by pointing the camera at interesting objects or people and be surprised at what you see.

An Extraordinary Shrimp Tail

Will you join our expedition? Join this interactive theater performance for all ages. Maybe you will discover a new species.

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